Well digging and installation of pumps

Digging a Well and Installing Pumps

From the bottom of the well to your faucet

Dufresne-Laniel Water Well Drilling offers a full range of services:

  • Drilling in bedrock, sand, etc.
  • Hydro fracturing if required
  • Installation of a strainer for wells drilled in sand (See photos)
  • Installation of the pump
  • Installation of the wiring and the hoses for the pump
  • Installation of the water tank
  • Disinfection of the well
  • Water analysis
  • Water treatment (sulphur, iron, manganese, hard water)

Digging a Well and Hydro Fracturing

At Dufresne-Laniel Water Well Drilling, we have all the necessary equipment to drill in granular soil and bedrock. The hydro fracturing technique allows us to enhance the flow of water in a new well or an existing well. Hydro fracturing consists of pumping water into the bottom of the well at pressures of up to 3,000 pounds per square inch. This cleans and unblocks the water veins naturally, guaranteeing the best performance immediately and over the long term. Our modern techniques enable us to find an adequate water supply, no matter where we drill your well.

Well with a Strainer

It is not always necessary to drill all the way to the bedrock in order to locate an adequate volume of water. When this is the case, we use strainers of various sizes to ensure your water supply, depending on the granulometry tests for the sand in question. This technique allows us to construct shallower wells at a lower cost.

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