Procedure for disinfecting an artesian well

Procedure for Disinfecting an Artesian Well

  1. Remove the well cap.
  2. Pour in 3 litres of bleach for every 100 feet of well depth.
  3. Attach a garden hose to you exterior water tap, and place the other end of the hose into the well in order to create a closed circuit.
  4. Open the exterior water tap and allow the water to run for approximately two hours in order to properly mix the bleach into the well water.
  5. Rinse the inside of the well cap and the inside of the well using the hose, and then turn off the exterior water tap.
  6. Replace the well cap, without touching the inside with your fingers.
  7. Open all cold-water faucets inside the building and allow the water to run until you smell chlorine (approximately 15 seconds).
  8. Turn off the faucets
  9. Allow the system to rest overnight (12 hours) without using the water.
  10. DO NOT DRINK or USE the water while the bleach is in the system, because the high concentration of chlorine is HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH.
  11. The next morning, empty the well using an exterior garden hose (calculate the flow rate for the hose compared to the flow rate for the well in order to avoid over-emptying the well). It is important to note that the bleach may damage the lawn, so allow the water to drain in an appropriate location (ditch). Allow the water to run until the chlorine smell is no longer present.
  12. Turn off the exterior water tap and repeat Step 11 with each indoor cold-water faucet (approximately 1 minute).
  13. Wait at least 1 week before having a water sample analyzed in order to determine the effectiveness of the disinfection treatment.

CAUTION: Disinfecting a well cannot be done when a water treatment system is connected to your water distribution system. The water treatment system must be by-passed before beginning the disinfection procedure.

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