The artesian well ?

What is an Artesian Well System?

An explanation from Dufresne-Laniel Water Well Drilling

Unlike a surface well, an artesian well achieves water catchment at a much greater depth. In general, an artesian well is between 40 and 300 feet deep. A submersible electric pump is lowered into the bottom of the well in order to pump the water to the water tank, which is usually installed in the basement. This allows for constant pressure to be maintained in your plumbing system.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a well varies, depending on how deep we have to drill in order to reach the required water supply. Geological conditions also influence the cost, because provincial regulations impose different directives depending on whether we are drilling into granular deposits or bedrock.

When is the best time to drill a well?

At Dufresne-Laniel Water Well Drilling, we can drill your well anytime – before, during or after your construction work is completed. When the well is drilled during construction, it is crucial to know where the pipes for the submersible pump will be installed and where the wiring for the pump will pass under the foundation of your building.

It is important to ensure that your property is large enough to comply with the regulations in terms of the required distances between a well and a septic field or a leaching field. The pump and the water tank can be installed later if the electricity and plumbing have not been installed at the time of drilling.

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